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"Our roof was really black and streaky and we got a letter form our homeowner's association saying we had to have it cleaned right away. Luckily, our neighbor recommended Gator Pressure Cleaning Services in South Florida to us and they came out and cleaned it and now the roof looks beautiful again. We will recommend them to anyone. Thank you," Steven L.


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"We have a beautiful home in South Florida, but the driveway and sidewalk were so dirty it just made everything look unkempt. We heard about Gator Pressure Cleaning Services from a friend and called them out. They did a beautiful job and everything is so clean and inviting now, we are not ashamed to have our friends over anymore. Thank you Gator Pressure Cleaning!" Melissa F.


"Our home was covered with mold and looked so dirty and it really needed a professional to come out and deal with it all. We hired Gator Pressure Cleaning of South Florida and they got rid of all of the mold and mildew and the house looks sparkling clean again. They did a wonderful job! " Jacob S.


"When the deck in our backyard was built it was not sealed properly and the wood started to deteriorate. It was suggested by our neighbor to call someone out to treat the wood. We called Gator Pressure Cleaning of South Florida at his suggestion and they pressure washed the wood and sealed it and now it looks as good as new. We are very grateful to them for saving our deck. Thank you." Thomas R.


"We have a very quaint store in South Florida and there is a lot of foot traffic that comes through. We need to have the outside of the building as well as the walkway clean at all times and with the sun and the sand and wind constantly beating on the building, it is something we need to deal with often. Gator Pressure Cleaning Services has really come through for us with a regular schedule they are helping maintain the look of our business. Thank you very much!" Robert and Susan M.


"My husband and I have a fast food restaurant in South Florida and the drive-thru needs to be cleaned constantly because of the oil and grime that is left on the ground from the cars driving through. Gator Pressure Cleaning Services comes regularly to clean our drive-thru and we are very happy with their services. I have recommended them to the other businesses in our location and they are equally as impressed with them." Stella and Herbert S.

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Gator Pressure Cleaning Services, Inc. specializes in community cleaning, as in roofs, driveways, sidewalks, gutters, patio screen enclosures, windows and much more.



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